Donnerstag, 25. Februar 2010

Easy Fake?

Maybe someone of you is interestet of how I make my Videos...

So lets start with the first Picture of the Programm:
That a simple code which only creates a GUI with no function, written in the very easy language AutoIT

Then I create this "" for the iPhone. Is does nothing, only these 4 Button and the Label.
If someone want I upload the .app too

How do I make the first Video?
At first I used sbSettings to hide all Icons but the standard and Gull1hack. Then I use sbSettings to set the status of Cydia to "show" but kill sbSetting with the prozess toogle, so my iPhone don't respring. Then I start the camera an open Gull1hack. Play a little with the buttons an hit install then; the repring was made with putty sending the command "killall -HUP SpringBoard" in the right moment (thx to my sister ;)) I'd liked to had some "Progress Bar", but my knowlegde in Xcode was too little... After the respring Cydia was back on my springboard.

How do I make the second Video?
Again I use AutoIt to write a little Programm that create a splashimage right over f0recast (@MuscleNerd: Two iPhones were to expensive ;))
Again my sister pressed "alt" and "strg" in nearly the right moment

What the beta release?
The beta release was like the orignial exe, but after you click on the button it show a progress bar, and a copied error from Blackra1n; I says that they should send this to another email to look wether someone realy realy opens it; I get more than 50 errors reports
Code: Sorry, was overritten by the RC

So finally, whats with the RC?
The RC is nearly the same like the beta, but it don't show any error but a message to you while block your input (mouse+keyboard) for 30 seconds. And it opens a website in your standard Browser which redirect you to Thats only because I want to know how much of you open such a programm, without knowing anything about it's functions or it's producer
There are no virus, trojan or anything that harms your computer... I'm not that kind of human

Again I let the comments open! When I see the first "I hate you motherf***!"-Post I must close them again...

EDIT: There is a nice Post on touchfans, written because they own opionion. I never forced anyone to write about me
EDIT2: Another articel you might want to read: iTouchHacks (spanish)


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  2. Seriously, why WOULD anybody want to comment anyway?

    I think hate comments are the only ones your gonna get, retard.

  3. I even was so stupid and I have downloaded the file but okay. :-)

    Respect for this joke!

  4. I can sue you, believe me. For wasting my time:) Frank Muller..:)

  5. @asd: I'm not the owner of this domain...

    @Denis: Hope you don't do it again ;)

  6. Franchement, bien jouer !

    Bon boulot, on c'est tous fais avoir mais le top sa aurait été que après le message d'erreur, l'application marche ! ^^


    Seriously, good job guy!

    Offen, wirklich, spielen!

    Guter Job, man das ist alle, laß haben aber die Top wäre sein(ihr) gewesen, daß nach der Nachricht von Irrtum, die Anwendung geht! ^^

    I use google translator to traduce it into German

    It's a good work, all of people fell into the trap. But, it would be better if the app works ^^


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  8. @Nicolas: thx for your comment... I think that the team wait for OS 4.0, hoping that some exploits weren't closed ;)

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  10. So,
    You did it...

    And maybe you won some money with the ads,...

    Very easy way to mess up the people, and win some exchanges...

    thank you, for making me happy for a while, waiting this program.

    But I didn't download it ;) not to stupid

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  12. Hey, I have respect on you, because you faced up... You didn't hide as other failbr3akers have done until now... But I didn't download LOL. It was ovbios... I also made a post: (It's spanish)If you can put it on your post I will be happy :D

  13. Good joke : ) however you have teased us beacause we thought that this was true.

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  15. why germany is so fucking stupid ^^

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  17. maybe someone would like to follow our project? i promise you that its dont want to be a fake tool.

    nice gull1hack joke, but now its time for a real deal

  18. Could you upload the .app file? It'd be a novelty to have that on my iTouch. :)

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  20. I like this as a prank and please make a real app for jailbreaking and unlocking. I'm begging you.....................

  21. anyway thunderst0rm is also another damn stupid useless faking jailbreak and unlock. sucks

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