Mittwoch, 3. März 2010


For the ones who are interested in my useless App (like sunrisemoon ;))


HowTo Install:

1.) Download and unzip the attachment
2.) Transfer the folder to the Applications folder on your jailbroken iPhone/iPod (/var/stash/Applications)
3.) Open Terminal and type: su
4.) For the password type: alpine (or your changed password)
5.) Type: chmod 755 /Applications/
6.) Then type: ldid -S /Applications/ (If you see "ldid: command not found", download the "Link Identity Editor" from Cydia. Start again at step 3.)

Once you are done, Respring to show the icon.

Sonntag, 28. Februar 2010


Hey Guys... I think you need a little help in being a good fake!

At first you need to write important words words right:

It's "Baseband" and not "Basement"

Then you need a little knowledge about jailbreaks things: You write that you want to unlock the Baseband on iPod Touch 3G, but there is a little problem: iPod Touch don't have baseband's...

I hope I help you


Donnerstag, 25. Februar 2010

Easy Fake?

Maybe someone of you is interestet of how I make my Videos...

So lets start with the first Picture of the Programm:
That a simple code which only creates a GUI with no function, written in the very easy language AutoIT

Then I create this "" for the iPhone. Is does nothing, only these 4 Button and the Label.
If someone want I upload the .app too

How do I make the first Video?
At first I used sbSettings to hide all Icons but the standard and Gull1hack. Then I use sbSettings to set the status of Cydia to "show" but kill sbSetting with the prozess toogle, so my iPhone don't respring. Then I start the camera an open Gull1hack. Play a little with the buttons an hit install then; the repring was made with putty sending the command "killall -HUP SpringBoard" in the right moment (thx to my sister ;)) I'd liked to had some "Progress Bar", but my knowlegde in Xcode was too little... After the respring Cydia was back on my springboard.

How do I make the second Video?
Again I use AutoIt to write a little Programm that create a splashimage right over f0recast (@MuscleNerd: Two iPhones were to expensive ;))
Again my sister pressed "alt" and "strg" in nearly the right moment

What the beta release?
The beta release was like the orignial exe, but after you click on the button it show a progress bar, and a copied error from Blackra1n; I says that they should send this to another email to look wether someone realy realy opens it; I get more than 50 errors reports
Code: Sorry, was overritten by the RC

So finally, whats with the RC?
The RC is nearly the same like the beta, but it don't show any error but a message to you while block your input (mouse+keyboard) for 30 seconds. And it opens a website in your standard Browser which redirect you to Thats only because I want to know how much of you open such a programm, without knowing anything about it's functions or it's producer
There are no virus, trojan or anything that harms your computer... I'm not that kind of human

Again I let the comments open! When I see the first "I hate you motherf***!"-Post I must close them again...

EDIT: There is a nice Post on touchfans, written because they own opionion. I never forced anyone to write about me
EDIT2: Another articel you might want to read: iTouchHacks (spanish)

Mittwoch, 24. Februar 2010

Gull1hack RC

Hope that is useful

Download Gull1hack 1.0:

EDIT: I hope you understand it; Comments are now on again, if they're only "Die!"-Post I will close again...

Start of Beta

Please do not download any files from the comments!

Please do not download this virus!
Only use the link in the mail!

The beta testers have been choosen, the beta will be send in 10 minutes!

Sorry for the long time

Beta Testers?

Today we wanna start a new step in our project:

Gull1hack is now in closed beta status

We warn you that beta products may harm your device, and that we don't take any warranty for damage on your iPhone or iPod Touch'

If you still want to test Gull1hack, send an E-Mail with your device spezifications (Model, Firmware & Baseband) to:


We will contact you soon

The Gull1hack Team

Dienstag, 23. Februar 2010

Demo reboot with an iPhone 3GS from week 46

Hey, here is Video with an iPhone 3GS from week 46; So is has the new Bootrom, like f0recast shows too.
But in this case you don't need to use Blackra1n oder Redsn0w to restart! It boots alone :)

You also might notice that this iPhone hast Baseband 05.11.07. That's because we modified Fuzzyband, to work with the iPhone 3GS too!

Update: Already some of you noticed that f0recast shows his information very early. That because our Gul1hack: The iPhone needs longer to boot, because of sending the boot comman to boot it. But f0recast dont need a complete boot, on a non jailbroken iPhone start round 5 seconds before lockscreen, on an iPhone with Gull1hack a few more